LUCIE Update: September 11

Full update on the boat from Jens Lange:
“Our second day in Vancouver went 100% to plan. We got LUCIE launched in the morning, towed around to the mast stepping pad and the spar went in right after lunch. We secured everything, got the last of the gear loaded and then we were off for a 90-minute tow over to the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club, passing beautiful Stanley Park and navigating through pretty heavy commercial traffic. The bay in front of the yacht club is the anchorage for tankers and freighters waiting to get into Vancouver Harbour – about a dozen huge ocean freighters are on anchor where we will race, which will be interesting.

“From there, we returned to the yard by boat to get the car and later some clearing up on LUCIE back at the yacht club. Tomorrow will be dedicated to getting LUCIE back into race trim: final tuning of shrouds, installing the vang and backstay control, followed by a bunch of minor things so that LUCIE is ready for take off on Wednesday morning.”

LUCIE in Vancouver

LUCIE was successfully delivered to Vancouver where the team will prepare her for the 6 Metre Worlds, which kick off on Friday.

Full update on the boat from Jens Lange:

“For my first day in Vancouver, I found LUCIE at Lynnwood Marine where she was supposed to be, and spent my day unpacking her from her travel suit, getting the spars unpacked. From there, I spent a few hours getting the mast dressed. LUCIE is all cleared up and prepared for launching, which will take place today followed by a tow over to the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club.

“I also checked out the Yacht Club, docks and facilities. All is fine there. It’s a very large marina so bring your hiking shoes. All the 6 Metres are docked in the order of when they were built, which is pretty neat. The docks are also shared with the local sea otters. I put up LUCIE’s dock box and got the first load of gear moved onto the dock. It will get pretty crowded in a few days.”