LUCIE in Vancouver

LUCIE was successfully delivered to Vancouver where the team will prepare her for the 6 Metre Worlds, which kick off on Friday.

Full update on the boat from Jens Lange:

“For my first day in Vancouver, I found LUCIE at Lynnwood Marine where she was supposed to be, and spent my day unpacking her from her travel suit, getting the spars unpacked. From there, I spent a few hours getting the mast dressed. LUCIE is all cleared up and prepared for launching, which will take place today followed by a tow over to the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club.

“I also checked out the Yacht Club, docks and facilities. All is fine there. It’s a very large marina so bring your hiking shoes. All the 6 Metres are docked in the order of when they were built, which is pretty neat. The docks are also shared with the local sea otters. I put up LUCIE’s dock box and got the first load of gear moved onto the dock. It will get pretty crowded in a few days.”

Shipyard Update: August 25

LUCIE left the Baltic Boat Works building and is on her way to Hinckley Shipyard, where she will be loaded onto the air-ride flatbed tomorrow before heading west to Vancouver, Canada for the 2017 Six Metre World Championships. From there, it is on to San Francisco for the St. Francis Yacht Club Fall Six Metre Regatta and Six Metre North American Championships.

Shipyard Update: August 9, 2017

Next month, LUCIE will take on the 6 Metre Worlds in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Here is the full update on how the team has been preparing the yacht for racing from Jens Lange:

“The aft end of the boom got stripped and re-varnished, and the slightly lighter wood where the old band was will blend in fairly fast once the boom sees some UV light again.

“The foredeck handrails are off the boat right now, as they took a beating from almost three months in the water and lots of training. We are doing some varnish work to them so that they look proper for the 6 Metre Worlds next month in Vancouver.

“The topside area just below the chain plates has received a spline on both port and starboard as the load of the standing rigging has pulled the planking a bit and the paint continues to crack there. This operation will not be visible again by the time LUCIE leaves the shop for Vancouver.

“As mentioned before, I have not only had the vang control stripped but also took off the mast fwd and aft controls. For the “mast fwd” we have replaced the whole line as this was a pieced-together system, and I did not like the fact that these were two lines. Upon inspection I also replaced the triple blocks this system runs on. They were very tired Lewmar blocks without ball bearings, which look like they were bought in 2012 in Sweden. We now have one continuous line running over new 57mm Harken triple blocks.

“And the new spin pole is making good progress, glued up to the eight-staved birds mouth pole. We’ve already rounded it, fit the clews and sanded it. This pole will get varnished over the next ten days and then rigged up.”