Lucie Launch

Friday last week LUCIE left the Baltic Boat Works shop in Bristol – all fresh and ready for sailing. LUCIE was brought to the Hinckley Yard in Portsmouth where Jamie spend the better part of last weekend to dress the mast and go thru every detail of the rig.

This morning (Wednesday, May 2nd) it finally was time for the splash – the yard crew at Hinckley worked very professional and handled the boat like a raw egg – at 8:30 am she finally hit the waters of Narragansett Bay again – and showed us that she missed the wet element a lot: LUCIE started to take on some water thru the plank seams, as could be expected with a wooden boat that was out of the water for nearly 10 months. We kept LUCIE in the slings for an hour, then moved her to the dock and installed a shore powered pump (LUCIE does not have an electric system on board – no electric bilge pump).

By the evening she was only weeping a bit and will be ready to step the rig tomorrow morning.

LUCIE’s trailer went to Waterline Systems for some modifications that will make traveling on the trailer a lot more “comfortable” for her.

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