LUCIE in Sweden – Day 4

Here comes the crew – Jamie, Paul, Chris, and Magnus in the morning, Pam and Matt in the afternoon. Finally we have enough hands to go sailing and the first sail lasted exactly 2 minutes – that’s after the skipper muttered “Oh s*@?”

What was he referring to? While all crew was busy to hoist sails and get LUCIE out of the tight marina under sail the skipper saw two things happening: first he saw the mast of FLAPPER which had left the dock 15 minutes earlier, snap in two, then he saw the top batten of LUCIE’s main sail bust the batten box and come loose… So down with all sails, back into the box and out with the tool box – this sail lasted for less than 2 minutes…

But -plenty of resources on board, replacement bolts for the batten box were organized within 20 minutes, the main halyard was inspected again for potential hard spots and after an hour LUCIE went for the second trial: dropping back from the box with a southerly, hoisting the main and off we go – sailing right out of the marina.

The crew came back after three hours with a short list of small changes they would like to see, but everything on the list is minor – a good sign! LUCIE is getting to her optimal trim…

Tomorrow will be dedicated to trim sails and crew training, rain in the forecast, a good day to get some more practice.


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