LUCIE in Sweden – Day 6

Not much new in Swedish Sailing Paradise today, again, most boats went out for three races towards the Swedish Championship, while LUCIE stayed on her own to fine tune and train. And good thing she did: A few pieces of hardware quit today in an 18 knot breeze, so we know where to upgrade. And on the starting line of the ongoing races several collisions happened – there is a hole in one boat and a lost mast in another one – plus plenty of scratches. No need for LUCIE to get entangled in that…

On a remarkable note: On Friday our traveling companion and fellow Bristol (RI) based boat FLAPPER (N 71) broke its mast right at the spreaders (Aluminum mast) – today she was at the starting line again with a fixed mast. And she did very well in a fleet of 16 classic 6 Metre Boats and finished 2-4-4 – not bad at all.

Tomorrow morning will see the whole LUCIE crew back on the dock bright and early to put in the last changes, fix and improve a few small things and then finally go racing – tomorrow the 6 Metre European Championship start – and everybody is pretty excited…

Wish us fair winds (and some luck too)


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