LUCIE in Sweden – Day 7 – AP!

An early breakfast for the crew, everybody is excited but looks out the window from the breakfast lounge with some doubts written on their faces: pretty tough conditions out there…

Skipper meeting at 0830 and the word is: 20+ knots wind from the west with gusts up to 30 knots. The word from a spotter out in the race course area is 6 foot waves and pretty tough out there – so the race committee decides to hoist AP (“Races not yet started are postponed.”), and sends everybody off until the next meeting at 1300.

The wind calmed down a bit throughout the morning hours but the gusts almost seem to increase in strength. At 1300 hours the whole fleet is back on the dock waiting for the announcement from the race committee. Not much change in the conditions south of Nynashamn and so the flags AP over Alpha (“Races not yet started are postponed. No more racing today.”) are being hoisted.

A sound of relief goes thru the crowd as nobody wanted to see boats and crew getting hurt.

The LUCIE crew enjoyed a sit down lunch, packed the boat away and split for the afternoon – there was local shopping, a few naps and trips to the sauna to be done and it seemed that everybody had well charged up their batteries by dinner time.

But tomorrow we’ll go sailing!

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