It is amazing to see how much of a difference it made for LUCIE to be in the water for around 12 weeks this past season compared to the previous season with only two weeks in the water: LUCIE is after all a sculpture made out of many pieces of wood and this material will change its dimension based on its level of moisture content.

So the 2012 season was not only very successful for LUCIE but also brought with it three launches, three hauls and pack-ups and many hard fought races – and a lot more time in the water. So this off season we are starting LUCIE’s maintenance work based on this and realize that LUCIE has changed even so slightly in her topside fairness. So for example the seam from the covering board to the shear strake shows once LUCIE has been in the water for four weeks – is simply is in the design of her construction and the material wood – it still is a living thing.

We also have to face a few battle marks in her topsides resulting from one dark and stormy night in September where one particular dock in Newport simply was tougher than LUCIE.

The maintenance this winter therefore started with a very thorough fairing and longboarding of all of LUCIE’s topsides, then special attention to all the little nicks and dings, some more longboarding, followed by a good coat of primer (after we had too much raw wood exposed, for example around the covering board to shear strake sections) and finished off with a nice coat of finish topside paint. And – nothing to see anymore of all those minor nicks, dings and planks seams!

There will be another final coat of topside paint in the spring, shortly before LUCIE starts into the 2013 season, but for now we are happy with her Topsides – the challenge now will be to keep LUCIE at a consistent moisture level…

Therefore her decks remain covered with some burlap on the inside – but winches have been disassembled and heading for bench service, handrails and any other small parts that easily come off are on their way to get varnished together with the spars – more of that shortly after Christmas…


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