6 mR Worlds 2013 – 2nd race day

LUCIE went out with the fleet under a slightly overcast sky, a last check of the rig on the way out and ready to go….

First race was started on time – and immediately stopped with a general recall: it was very clear that every boat out there was most eager to get on the way! But the second start was perfect and most of the fleet went left to stay on the Danish side of the course. But the wind kept turning and turning and favored the few boats that want right immediately after the start. LUCIE was one of the boats that had seen this weather shift early and was in the pack of leaders at the first mark. Thruout the race the wind continued to clock further to the east, LUCIE got stronger and stronger and half way thru the race LUCIE had a solid lead of up to five boat lengths. But she got challenged on the last leg – by whom else then the other Newport, RI boat: FLAPPER. At times it almost looked like we were heading for a photo finish, but at the last moment LUCIE pulled ahead again and got her first bullet of the 2013 World Championship!

The second race got delayed by around an hour as the wind continued to shift further to the east and increased in strength. I got choppy around the committee boat and the forecast of 12 mph winds was completely blown away. As the second race progressed we saw winds consistently above 20 knots. LUCIE was fighting hard but could not keep up with the leading boats and finished 13th out of 23 classic 6 Metres.

So at the end a mixed day but clearly showing all the potential this rule II boat has. We are looking forward to the third day of racing, the start got delayed already as a weather front is heading towards the Flensburg Fjord and it is expected to be thru before noon. Let’s hope for another sunny and slightly breezy day…


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