LUCIE is heading for winter hiatus

Shortly after LUCIE’s last sail in November is really was time to haul her out. By now she knows the drill – measure the rig one last time to get her last set-up back in the spring, then pull the rig and completely undress it. After that the single point lifting gear goes in and her hull is gently lifted out of the water (yes – the single point lifting system is actually a two point lift…).

And why does it look as if the lifting system is out of balance and the bow dips down? Well, this is by design as it allows proper placement of LUCIE on her trailer. Looks a bit odd but works very well!

LUCIE is now back inside the Baltic Boat Works shop, completely decommissioned, all gear stored away and ready to go under covers – but not for long as we have a list of maintenance items and some changes and repairs to do this winter. It was a long season for LUCIE (and a successful one), she launched and hauled out three times, her rig actually five times and again we have learned a lot. Time to make some adjustments, stiffen up some areas and prepare for 2014 when LUCIE will travel to Falmouth, UK for the 6 Metre European Championships.


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