Winter Work

Winter work has started on LUCIE a few weeks ago, her bottom got a nice fresh fairing which provides us with the benefit of changing her bottom paint system to a different antifouling. There is still a lot of detail work to do, then followed by some serious polishing, but the “dirty work” of removing the old bottom paint is behind us.

We all treat LUCIE very carefully – like an antique piece of furniture. But a full season for LUCIE means three launches and hauls plus a return trip across the Atlantic – there is a lot of boat handling involved in this and despite all the care there are always some minor scratches and “dings” that need attention during the off-season. We have now gone thru the whole top sites with a fine toothed comb and attended to every little nick – then started to finish up her topsites with some fresh paint.

There also has been progress on LUCIE’s mast hardware (see previous post) – new hardware has been designed by Jacob Vargish and is now in fabrication. We are expecting the new hardware to be at the shop in a few weeks and we will then tend again to the mast and the new layout for the cap shrouds – more about this to follow soon.

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