European Championship – Day 2 – AP and LUCIE’s Birthday Party!

Day 2 of the 2014 European Championship was a long day of waiting… Race
Committee hoisted AP on shore in the morning for eventually four hours and
after lunch time the whole fleet made its way out to the designated starting
area. Everyone was hopeful as there was breeze in Falmouth Harbour, but as
we got out we again were just floating… For hours…

For more than three more hours a whole fleet of almost 30 boats went up and
down, mostly floating, listening to the mark boats reporting breezes of 2 to
4 knots. Finally one attempt was made to get a race started off, only to
have the race abandoned after less than 10 minutes as the little breeze we
had was diminishing again.

But as the sun was burning down on the fleet and the afternoon grow latter
and later it seemed that every crew had changed focus for the day – the
LUCIE Birthday party was on the schedule and it definitely was time for some
cold drinks now. Finally at 5:30 in the afternoon the race committee had it
too and released us – no (more) races to be started for this day! All fleet
tried to find the fastest way back into port, all support RIBs were towing
as many boats as possible and by 6:30 we all were back at the dock, having a
Gin & Tonic in our hands and toasting to LUCIE.

Pam had put together another fine party in honor of LUCIE, excellent drinks,
very nice (and proper) Champagne, great food – and of course a Birthday
Cake! And the whole group of 6 Metre sailors gathered on top of the docks,
enjoyed a fine British Summer evening and toasted to LUCIE…

More breeze in the forecast for tomorrow…

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