Team Update: Monday (10/5)


All the 6 Meters are gathered in San Francisco to put the final touches to their rigging and outfitting. Then, for most of us, a 90-minute tow across the San Francisco Bay was provided by Svendsen’s Boat Works out of Alameda. Their crew launched the boats during the weekend and then provided us with the tow over to the St. Francis Yacht Club.

The fleet of eight boats has now gathered on the St. Francis guest docks, as usual a very friendly get together, lots of boat talk and great anticipation for racing, which starts today.

Skippers briefing is happening today (Tuesday) at noon, with the first warning scheduled for 1400. The forecast is sunny with a light breeze, however the past two days have shown us that there tends to be more breeze off the club than what is forecasted.

Stay tuned for updates from the racecourse!


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