6 Metre Invitational: Day 1

Today, Lucie along with seven other 6 Metres kicked off Day 1 of the International 6 Metre Invitational on San Francisco Bay. Click here to see the official results from racing. 

From the St. Francis Yacht Club:

“History Comes to Life: International 6 Meter Invitational”

Throughout the summer of 2015, St. Francis Yacht Club has hosted some phenomenal racing featuring world-class sailors and a wide range of fast boats. From kites to windsurfers to dinghies to big boats, StFYC has hosted a bevy of events that continue to up the level of competition along City Front. Now, as we enter the last month of a busy racing season, we get back to our roots and welcome the “Class of all Classes” to the International 6 Meter Invitational.


From Tuesday, October 6 through Friday October 9, a fleet of eight 6 Meters will race in San Francisco Bay, just as they did a century ago. With entries from Seattle, Vancouver, San Diego and France, this international fleet will be as competitive as it is majestic.

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