Dear Pam and Matt,

It was a pleasure to spend some time with you on the docks of the NJK and at the hotel. Thank you for the dinner at the start of the week, and for the developing friendship during the week.

Congratulations on the great success that you had with Lucie right out of the box (despite the rig mishap), with an amazing 6th place overall among the top 15 or so, very well prepared and sailed yachts. To have done that in a Rule 2, Baum+Koenig yacht – Dacron sails and all – is all the more impressive.

I’m glad that Allan Savolainen was on the dock and ready to come to your assistance promptly after the ugly-looking sheave box failure on Monday. I didn’t have much hope that you’d be on the starting line the next day, and I’m very glad that Allan and his team, with your calmness and cooperation, got the job done with time to spare.

I thought you’d enjoy a couple of pix from over there. These are all from the last day – a spectacularly successful one for Team Lucie!

I look forward to seeing you in Newport. I recall that you’ll soon be enjoying Dorade.

Please keep Pedrick Yacht Designs in mind for any help that we can provide for Lucie or Dorade.

Kind regards,


David Pedrick
Pedrick Yacht Designs, Inc.

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