To Do List

Matt met with Jens Lange of Baltic Boat Works to confirm the winter work for Lucie last Monday. They reviewed the Winter “To Do List”, which Johnny Walker will supplement next week after inspecting Lucie. Johnny has agreed so long as he is both available and in town to continue to assist as Captain of Lucie. Joe Loughborough of LMI will oversee with Jamie Hilton, the Skipper for Lucie, and Jacob Vargish, Naval Architect.

The “To Do List” is:

Lucie “To-Do” List (8/25/11 Draft #3)
(Not listed in order of importance)

1 ) Repair interim mast dent repair on mast due to shipping damage.

2 ) Complete repairs of mast wall below sheave box, as needed *

3 ) Plate new sheave box bronze (Inspect structural adequacy *)

4 ) Install adjustable check-stay with jamb cleat system. * ***

5 ) Install pin stop car for spin pole adjustment, remove line adjustment. ****

6 ) Inspect structural adequacy of gooseneck connection (mast / boom) *

7 ) Inspect all washers, backing plates, and blocking for deck hardware and winches after heavy condition regatta. Install G10 plates under winches and runner blocking if necessary. *

8 ) Refit spinnaker poles which measured short, build new or add with scarf. * **

9 ) Install two bow grab rails (confirm location); rails already built. ****

10 ) Re-seat stern ensign holder, which is loose.

11 ) Repair damage to lead keel.

12 ) Inspect floors and frames around keel for damage after grounding and hard regatta. *

13 ) 3D laser scan hull – Lucie was much faster on port tack than starboard; compare the differences and maybe better understand why. *

14 ) Fair and refinish hull bottom, as needed.

15 ) Spot repair / paint / wax hull topside white, as needed.

16 ) Remove forward mast blocking at partners, and possibly install adjustable mast partner (both at deck and below). Either make blocks unnecessary or easier to get in and out to move mast forward and aft. * ***

17 ) Install flip down step in forward cockpit or other mechanism to make getting in and out of both cockpits easier. * ****

18 ) Genoa winches move a bit further forward. * ***

19 ) Repair rudder connection to tiller which was quite loose at end.

20 ) Improve connection of existing stow bags in both cockpit areas. ****

21 ) Design and install rope bags for tailing sheets and halyard into bags. ****

22 ) Permanently label “jam cleats” in both cockpit areas. ****

23 ) Sharpen / adjust “jam cleats” in forward cockpit area, as slipping under load.

24 ) General clean-up, repainting, etc., as needed.

25 ) Installation of permanent license plates on trailer.

26 ) Sort / clean and restock trailer / dock boxes, as needed.

27 ) Report to insurance broker arrival return of Lucie subsequent to physical inspection for shipping damage.

28 ) Clean trailer, as needed.

29 ) Prepare Lucie with Trailer for winter storage, as needed (cover with shrink wrap – ??).

30) Install adjustable gasket to reduce / prevent water shipping thru adjustable headstay slot at bow. *

* Consult with Jacob Vargish, [email protected]

** Consult with Andrew Williams, [email protected]

*** Consult with Robbie Doyle, [email protected]

**** Consult with sailing crew

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