Back in Newport

LUCIE returned from Europe on Wednesday, after clearing customs in Newark. Delivered to
Newport, RI, Jens Lange of Baltic Boat Works performed a thorough walk around to check for any potential damage that might have occurred in Lucie’s return shipping from Europe. Johnny Walker will check her early next week. Johnny has agreed so long as he is both available and in town to continue to assist as Captain of Lucie.

Next Thursday afternoon, Lucie, which is at the Casey dock behind Crawford, will be lifted off her trailer and placed on blocks and stands for a for the 3D scan of her hull and then placed her back on the trailer on Friday morning after Andrew Williams of Marine Measurements completes the 3D scan. The Trailer wheel housings and dock boxes are in the way of the ballast for a proper 3D scan.

Lucie will be stored and worked on while on the trailer inside in a fully enclosed work shop at Jens Lange’s yard, Baltic Boat Works, in Bristol, RI. Lucie will winterize and receive various repairs in Baltic Boat Works shop. All of the Doyle sail inventory of 10 sails will be send to the Doyle Sails Loft for drying (some are rather wet), cleaning, repairs (if necessary) and winter storage.

While Lucie when went through her detail inspection on Friday to check for any damages resulting from transportation from Europe, only two damages were found to have occurred on her trip from Helsinki to Newport:

mast aft side – damage from trailer ladder chafe (see picture below)
broken latch on port side dock box (both locks are missing – courtesy of US customs?)
A detailed inventory of the two dock boxes appears to indicate that nothing was stolen from the dock boxes as all electronics, radios, winch handles, etc, – pretty much everything of value were present. Below are pictures of the two boxes when opened.
The mast repair will cost $650.00 and includes a dutchman with Sitka Spruce, 7 coats varnish, grinding down the mast ladder, lining it with durable carpet/padding and potentially adding two small brass chafe guard strips to the mast to prevent this from happening again.

Jens Lange of Baltic Boat Works will prepare an official quote for the shipping insurance company. The damage from the shipping to Helsinki and the damage from the return shipping areas are only 10 inches apart. Jens will propose a design modification to Lucie trailer ladder and the mast to deck transport connection (a better and safer way of transporting the mast on deck with custom made wooden and carpet lined cradles).

The broken hatch on the dock box will to be drilled out and replaced with something new (stainless steel), and two new locks – total cost ~$80.

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