3D Scan

LUCIE was successfully 3D scanned today in Newport – we dodged the earlier rain and had a good four hour window dry enough to do the scan. We brought LUCIE down to Newport this morning and lifted her off the trailer, blocked her up and secured her with a few boat stands. The mast was taken off the boat which allowed me to take a close look at the details mentioned on the to-do list (there will be a separate proposal on the mast shortly).

Andrew Williams brought his 3D laser equipment and took eight complete scans, we briefly reviewed the raw data at the end, a full analysis will take a little over a week. After a little over two hours all was done, I have the boat back on its trailer and the mast back on the boat, LUCIE will be delivered back to my shop in Bristol tomorrow morning and will go on its spot for the winter.

Early next week Andrew Williams will come to my shop, we will then conduct the flex test on the spar, with and without the jumper installed.

While the scan was going on I met with John Walker at the boat and reviewed the to-do list and got his input, we also reviewed the mast in detail.

Attached are a few pictures I took today – must have been quiet a hard grounding…

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