Lucie Update

Here is the update on LUCIE from last week:

The trailer got cleaned and completely wrapped in foil to protect it from the winter works (dust, paint drips etc.). There is communication going on between Jamie Hilton and Triad Trailers regarding possible changes to the trailer set-up. I also met with Kinder Industries to discuss a full transport cover for LUCIE and splash / rock guards to the trailer and mast. It appears that the planned mast cradles have to go on deck after the deck cover, so the details will have to be worked-out between Baltic Boat Works and Kinder Industries. The boom tent is with Kinder Industries now for alterations.

The 3D scan of the hull and water line of Lucie is now being looked at by Jacob.
I have decided to not start any work on the topsides or the bottom of LUCIE yet until we have a plan to address whatever, if any, issues and proposed fixes which Jacob might come-up with once he has completed his analysis of the 3D scan results.

So I am focusing on the mast right now, the new sheave boxes for main and jib halyards are kicked off, we built templates of the respective mast sections for the engineering firm that will fabricate the new sheave boxes to wrap the “wings” around. We also took out the spinnaker halyard box – this one will receive a half round lower bronze plate to create additional bearing surface against the grain of the mast material.

The replacement of the “epoxy chunks” at the mast partner section has started as well, all spreaders, jumpers and various smaller pieces are being prepared for varnish.

The plan for the mast at this point is to finish all repair works in one go, then do the complete varnish work and store the mast away for the winter.

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