Mast Damage

The two transport damages to the mast just below the gooseneck fitting were repaired with a dutchman that is long enough to take care of both areas. The damaged section was carefully cut out (app. 6mm deep) and both ends received a 1:12 scarf to accept the fresh wood. Once the glue-up had set the section was planed to the profile of the mast, then faired and by now has two coats of sealer on it. It will take up to two years until the fresh material has darkened to the same shade as the original mast material. Once all varnish work on the mast is done we will put two small (3/8″) brass oval strips over this section of the mast to prevent the same thing from happening again.

The new shoulders for the parallel plates at the mast partner height of the mast were finished and are glued in place. The picture below shows the bronze plates temporarily attached for alignment only. This section will be faired and finished some time next week.

The damage to the ballast from a grounding in Helsinki has been fixed this week as well. The impact split away a section of app. 14″ x 8″ of fairing compound and the exposed lead had mushroomed out. We removed all cracked off fairing compound, faired the mushroomed lead out and rebuilt the hole with appropriate filler. Then fairing compound was applied over the area and the whole section was faired back to the shape of the ballast. An initial coat of bottom paint finished the job.

Then we went on to the area of the drain plug where the section of deadwood to garboard showed a slight unfairness and the drain plug was slightly recessed, causing some turbulence in the by-streaming water. The section was long-boarded, the drain plug area was filled and then faired again. An initial coat of bottom paint finished this job as well.

During the week Andrew Williams stopped by the shop and we discussed the results of the 3D scan and the rudder. He will send his recommendations to Jacob for further discussion.

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