All small “loose” parts that have brightwork on them were sanded and received two coats of varnish. Why so early in the process? Simply to get the parts finished, packed and then stored away (and out of our way) – so all spreaders, jumper, cleat box, pig stick etc. are done by now.

We also sanded and varnished the boom and stored it on the spar rack – again: to get it out of the way and off the list.

The sitka spruce cheeks for the mast partner area of the mast were finished, assembled and have the first coats of varnish on them. The spinnaker pole adjustable height mechanism was taken off the mast and we are preparing to install the new system with a spring loaded car.

As I will be traveling this week there will be no update next Monday but we are working over Thanksgiving. By the end of this week we are expecting the delivery of the new halyard sheave boxes and the new spinnaker track and car and will start installation during the Thanksgiving Week. The material for the small cockpit bench and fwd cockpit 45 deg foot rest will come in during that week as well.

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