Sheave Boxes

Tuesday I finally received the new and revised sheave boxes for LUCIE’s mast – please see the attached picture. Jacob and my manufacturer collaborated nicely (and spend some extra time) to come up with excellent new boxes for the main and jib halyards: The whole body is made from one piece of bronze (except the straight bridge on top), a very strong design with a maximum of bearing surface, axles that are extended to the maximum width for additional bearing, and chafe guards. Nice Job!

(the picture shows the two all new boxes in the lower line, just above is what I took out of the mast. The box on the right is the modified spinnaker halyard box with a rounded lower bearing plate)

We will now start to modify the mast to receive these new halyard boxes – stay tuned for a progress report next Monday evening.

– Jens Lange, Baltic Boat Works


  1. Nice sheaves !

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