Tuning Sail

Four days to Memorial Day and LUCIE already finished her tuning sails. On a beautiful early summer afternoon on Narragansett Bay LUCIE went out for the last of her trim and tuning sails after a few changes to the sails and some hardware adjustments over the past week. The conditions were perfect: 10 to 12 knot winds and flat water, pretty much what we expect to be the normal conditions in Nynäshamn. Robbie Doyle of Doyle Sails was again on board to further optimize LUCIE’s sails and trim. Everything went to plan – both LUCIE and skipper Jamie Hilton now feel ready for the trip to Nynäshamn near Stockholm to compete in the European 6 Metre Championship.

After the sail we towed LUCIE from Bristol to Portsmouth where she will be hauled before the Memorial Day weekend and packed for the journey to Europe. Tuesday morning she will hit the road to New Jersey from where she will be shipped to Gothenburg, Sweden.

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