LUCIE is close to Sweden!

She crossed the Atlantic and went thru Bremerhafen, Germany, she is now en-route to Gothenburg and we expect her there on July 2nd. She will clear customs within a day or two and will then travel across Sweden to the East Coast to Nynashamn, app. 30 miles south of Stockholm. LUCIE still travels in company of the other two 6 Metre coming in from the US: FLAPPER and OSLO – all three boats will be on the East Coast by July 12. Ground transport within Sweden will happen on flatbed trailers as our US trailers are too heavy and oversized for Swedish roads.

All LUCIE crew has their schedules confirmed, ground crew will arrive on July 16 to dress LUCIE’s mast, polish the bottom, do some last minute rigging changes and launch the boat. We have secured an inflatable chase boat which will support both LUCIE and FLAPPER.

The full crew is expected to arrive in the morning of July 20 and we will go out for a sail in the afternoon of that day – best way to overcome a jet-lag…

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