LUCIE in Sweden – Day 1

Nynashamn is exactly as one imagines Sweden: picturesque, calm, lots of boats and even more water. LUCIE is eager to test them!

All around the Yacht Club in Nynashamn is activity, 6 Metres from all over are arriving, masts are being assembled, crews franticly searching for their spreaders, tents are being put up – and everybody is sort of relaxed and friendly. It is sunny, the locals are calling it a hot day (62 to 71 deg Fahrenheit / 16 to 21 deg Celcius), very little wind (5 knots) and flat water.

LUCIE finally got out of her covers, the spars were lifted off the deck and people stopped by to welcome her. LUCIE made it well thru all the legs of the transport, not a single damage to report! After unloading of the dock boxes and equipment stored inside the boat we finally could start to dress the mast: jumpers, spreaders, shrouds, everything secured, then taped, finally all running rigging sorted out – and by the end of the afternoon the mast is now ready to be stepped, proudly showing the Two Star flag on the mast top.

The boom received the outhaul car back (after a small adjustment back in Newport) and is ready for launch as well.

A prototype spinnaker sheet bag was installed to keep the cockpit free to lines and that was the time to check the bilge. LUCIE still carries a little bit of best Narragansett Bay water in her hull which kept the burlap in the bilges and up the hull nice and moist – we expect the hull to be tight when splashing on Thursday…

Tomorrow will be focused on the bottom – which some showers in the forecast…

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