LUCIE in Sweden – Day 2

A summer day in Sweden: sun, clouds and some rain – topped by a very late and beautiful sun set.

Today was all focused on LUCIE’s bottom: To prepare her for the regatta her bottom was one more time londboarded and sanded – the pleasure of wooden boats! The drain plug was covered with some wax to make it completely flush with the hull and every square inch was inspected. LUCIE will only be in the water for one week and would not really need fresh bottom paint – but a sanded bottom looks rather scrubby when she heals, so we applied a fresh coat of bottom paint – essentially a coat of copper.

And once this coat was thoroughly dried she was wet sanded over to give her the smoothest surface possible! Now she is ready to hit the water, she will be launched tomorrow morning at 8 am and the mast will follow shortly there after.


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