LUCIE in Sweden – Day 3

Finally! LUCIE is floating again – in the Baltic waters of Nynashamn.

It was still fairly calm around the Nynashamn Sail Association (NSS) this morning at 7:30 and LUCIE was the first boat in line to get in the water. The local team here actually had machined an american size trailer ball once they saw the first boats from the US coming in. A quick pull down to the water with the clubs own tractor and into the slings. 10 minutes later LUCIE was floating and did not take on any water (thanks to some burlap and Narragansett Bay water in the bilge during the transport to Sweden).

Then on to the mast crane – this is a manual crane and every boat basically steps its own mast – but the Nynashamn Sail Association has some volunteers around for the regatta event and they are more than happy to lend a hand. So before noon LUCIE had its rig in, then all running rigging was sorted out. Thru out the day the launch pad got more and more busy, 6 Meters and Square Metre boats went in – one after the other (there will be a big 22 square metre regatta right after the 6 Metre Europeans). The docks filled during the afternoon, two rows of 6 Metres from all over, the pier buzzes in all different languages.

LUCIE and FLAPPER will share a chase boat during the regatta to support, carry extra gear, some special spectators and to tow the boats to the race course. The RIB arrived this morning – 25 feet and 300 HP, way more than enough. The yacht club designated one pier just for the chase boats and it is filling up as well.

It was a beautiful sunny day with light winds around 7 knots and the first boats went out for a first shake down sail.

LUCIE will have to wait until tomorrow when her crew flies in but she will be sailing in the afternoon – sails are bent on, she is ready (and eager) to go!


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