LUCIE in Sweden – Day 5

We learned today that the weather forecast on the Swedish East Coast is as unreliable than on the US East Coast! Based on this mornings weather report we expected basically rain all day and around 16 knots of wind. Pretty much every crew in the harbor put the heavy foulies on this morning before heading out. Never a good sign…

What we got was a mostly sunny day with a maximum of 12 knots in wind – gorgeous but a bit nippy from the north (65 deg tops on the water)

Pretty much every 6 Metre here in Nynashamn went out today for races to the Swedish 6 Metre Championship and did three races. LUCIE however took its time, decided not to go racing but instead go out on her own to practice – and probably got in more tacks and jibes than any other boat. After the official measurer came by this morning to check floating marks, freeboard measurements and rig dimensions LUCIE was cleared to compete in the European Championship starting on Monday and happily went out to practice.

No major problems, a small tear in a training genoa was all that was to report at the end of the day – which did not prevent the whole crew to stay at the boat for four hours after she came back to the dock to work thru a list of small improvements.

A beautiful day it was…


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