LUCIE in Sweden – a big Trophy and packing…

The last day of the event (Friday) was dedicated to get boats hauled and packed up – 28 6 Metre boats all wanted to get their masts out and the boats hauled – and the Nynashamn Sailing Club is a fairly small operation. But everything went very very smooth, crews helping each other, sharing tools, waiting in line while chatting in the sun and reviewing the week. Sweden seams to rub of on all of us…

The whole LUCIE crew pitched in after breakfast, got to the mast crane early and had the mast undressed in two hours. Sails and standing rigging were packed even before the boat was hauled so by the time LUCIE was in the slings of the crane the majority of the work was done and most of the crew could enjoy an afternoon in Stockholm city.

During the afternoon LUCIE was secured back onto her trailer, dock boxes were packed, the cover went onto the boat and the spars were loaded onto the trailer. Everything was checked twice and lashed extra careful for the long way back home. LUCIE will hit the road on Monday morning and should be in Gothenburg by Tuesday, then waiting for the next boat to Newark. We estimate to have LUCIE back in Newport by the end of August and will put her back into the water for some late summer sailing in Narragansett Bay.

Friday evening everybody went to the awards dinner – a nice opportunity to exchange addresses, make plans for next year and spend a last evening with crew, friends and lots of sailing talk.

LUCIE made an overall 5th place in the European Championship for 6 Metres and very proudly won the competition among 2nd rule boats. She was awarded the August Ringvold Memorial Trophy, a trophy that dates back to the year 1908 and is awarded in the spirit of Mr. August Ringvold, who himself was an immensely competitive Six Metre yachting helmsman in his days. The August Ringvold Memorial Trophy is owned by the Royal Norwegian Yacht Club

The Trophy is awarded to the 6mR yacht that carries a valid measurement certificate, designed and built in accordance with the 1st (1907-1919) (“Rule 1”) or 2nd (1919-1933) (“Rule 2”) International Rule and that accumulates the highest aggregate score among such yachts in the Six Metre European Championships.

All results from the 6 Metre European Championship can be found here:



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