LUCIE – a last sail and haul

Last Saturday LUCIE went out for a last sail of the season – on a foggy and misty New England fall morning but with a spirited crew as the new sails for next year had arrived and everybody was eager to see how they perform and shape. It also was a great opportunity to test the new floating tack system on the main sail as well as the soft webbing outhaul – and all went to highest expectation! The new main sail from DOYLE sailmakers has a superb shape, the new medium 1 genoa has the fresh and crisp shape that got a bit lost after two major events with the old sail, and the new kite is flying very well, crew feedback was great.

Everybody on board had some minor change proposals but judging from the first round of requested changes we are looking at minor issues which means that LUCIE is well prepared for next years 6 Metre World Championships in Germany. LUCIE just needs some fresh paint and varnish and will look her best again by the time she makes her appearance in Flensburg.

So Monday morning it was time to get hauled one more time this season (for the third time…), undress the mast and put everything away for the off-season. Then a short ride to the Baltic Boat Works shop in Bristol and neatly tugged into the storage bay… Her spars are on the rack, all gear is going thru inventory now and within a few weeks we will have her maintenance plan for the winter nailed down.

What a long and eventful season LUCIE had…



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