Bits & Pieces

The work on LUCIE is progressing nicely – a lot of smaller items received some attention over the past some weeks:

All bronze cam cleats below deck were taken off temporarily and received the much needed sharpening of the teeth. As all winches were disassembled to get a thorough cleaning and service we also got the drums polished to make LUCIE look sparkling next summer. Some minor changes to trim lines were implemented and should be helpful next season.

We finally received the custom made HARKEN sheaves for LUCIE’s genoa cheek blocks after we busted the roller bearing in the “original” sheaves last summer and had to temporarily use some “of the shelf” cheek block – which by the way does not sound happy anymore either. The new sheaves for the cheek blocks have the internal makings of a Harken 727 high load sheave but the outside looks of all bronze. We will broadcast a picture of the installed sheaves some time in January.

And parallel to all the little things happening around LUCIE we are working on the spars – some minor problems at the mast such as loose jumper tangs, batten marks, or some halyards that need replacing are being taken care of and the first round of sanding and varnish has been done as well, the two spinnaker poles are already finished… And once the can of varnish was open all the little parts such as blocks, handrails, wind vane etc got their fair share of varnish as well.

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