Almost done!

LUCIE’s winter hiatus is almost over – everything is now getting ready for the first launch of the season in Newport. The bottom is protected again with several coats of bottom paint (and again wrapped to keep the moisture in), the trailer is already “un-wrapped” after all painting is finally done. The dock boxes on the trailer now carry LUCIE’s sail number and her name as this makes identification in transport to Europe a lot easier.

The deck hardware went back on last week after the deck was freshened up: the winches shine, the handrails are glowing in fresh varnish and the bow now features a custom made bronze eye which will hold a tow line, dock lines or a mooring line in place – much safer than the bow chuck which was ripped out and lost last September during a stormy night at a dock.

To protect LUCIE’s beautiful nose from chafing a custom made nose cover was manufactured by KINDER Industries in Bristol – this cover will protect all paint but also makes boarding from a dock over the bow much safer as is has a top made from a sturdy anti-slip material.

Over the next two weeks we will focus on the new 6mR certificate and a few more things below decks will have to be finished up – downhill from here…


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