On our way

LUCIE is on her way to Germany! The crew sailed LUCIE one more time in the past two weeks and concluded all tuning and testing – everybody is happy with her performance and it became time to prepare for the journey to Germany. We hauled out LUCIE last week and packed everything we may or may not need during the two weeks at the 6mR World Championship in Flensburg: the full sail inventory including spares, extra halyards and sheets, spare winch handles and lots of tools, some woodworking tools and extra blocks, shackles and various hardware. All in all quiet a collection.

Just before LUCIE was hauled the floatation was checked by the class measurer Andrew Williams which concluded all previous checks and measurements – LUCIE now will have an updated 6mR certificate and is fully compliant with ISAF rules and regulations.

By now LUCIE is pretty used to traveling across the Atlantic, she slips into the covers and gear quiet nicely, everything is well protected and padded – it is a long journey. On Friday morning long before sunrise she was hauled from Newport to Newark where she will go thru customs on Monday, then be loaded onto a ro-ro vessel and on her way to Bremerhaven, Germany. In about one month from now we will see LUCIE again in Flensburg where she will be unpacked, the rig will be dressed and soon after she should float in the waters of the Baltic Sea.

Wish LUCIE fair winds and good luck in Germany – und immer eine Handbreit Wasser unterm Kiel…

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