Time to un-pack

Today we started to unpack LUCIE after her long journey from Newport, RI to Gluecksburg, Germany. Spars down and unpacked, boat cover off, all straps off, standing rigging out of the boat plus the whole inventory of rolled sails. The sails will be stored inside a winter storage building of the hosting Yacht Club (FSC) and will be easily accessible thru-out the next two weeks.

Then the mast was dressed again – spreaders and jumpers went on, then the standing and running rigging, all sorted out to make sure nothing is over or under each other as that is a pain to fix once the mast is stepped. During the afternoon the LUCIE chase boat was delivered and we took it out for a quick test spin – felt good as we had zero wind today but temperatures around 90 F.

And in the late evening we started to prep the bottom for the splash tomorrow: cleaning, some sanding and polishing – lovely work, more of it tomorrow morning…

And yes, there were many small chats with plenty of very friendly sailing folks stopping by being interested in the story of LUCIE, sharing their own tales and complimenting LUCIE for her looks.


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