LUCIE has launched into the Baltic waters – actually already on Friday but the spars only went in today as a long list of small tasks needed to be taken care off first. All went very smoothly, LUCIE by now knows the drill. Great support here at the Flensburger Segel Club, very efficient work (well, it is Germany…) and everything is well prepared.

Over the weekend the Club was getting more and more busy with boats arriving from everywhere. We will start sailing for the Robbe & Berking Sterling Cup in a few days, but not only 6 Metres are participating in it but also 18 boats from the 5.5 Metre class and 8 boats of the 12 Metre class. Take all that and add the 36 expected 6 Metres and you have quiet a busy Yacht Club.

LUCIE’s crew is on their way to Germany and will arrive on Tuesday, our first training and tuning sail is scheduled for Wednesday – LUCIE is ready for it!


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