Tuning Sail – Day 1

Finally! LUCIE is sailing – our first tuning sail in the Flensburg Fjord, dodged the squall that came thru at lunch time and went out right after the rain had passed. Wind was around 20 kt, way more in gusts – and that was absolutely not in the forecast. But good to know that German wind forecast is as unreliable as the one at home. A 100% miss…

All went well during the tuning sail, all systems got tested and after a few hours of putting LUCIE thru the paces we had a medium long list of evening tasks: some minor adjustments here, changing a few halyards there and some minor work on trim lines. It was all done by (late) dinner time and the whole team LUCIE is looking forward to the next round of tuning and training tomorrow. The plan is to go out twice with a proper lunch break on shore – like civilized people do.


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