2014 European Championship Falmouth – Day 1


The 2014 European Championships for 6 Metres in Falmouth started – with perfect “LUCIE weather”! Her favored conditions (when sailing against Rule 3 boats) are flat water and light winds and after many hours of floating under AP we finally got started for the first race. LUCIE had a perfect start and led the race from start to finish – but: we got protested by a French competitor for our start. In the evening after racing the protest hearing went on for quiet some time and at the end LUCIE got penalized and therefore disqualified for its first race. Let’s just say that LUCIE would not have gone for that opening if she’d thought it was not right…

The afternoon got late but the race committee was eager to get us a second race of the day and the wind conditions had stabilized, so at around 5:30 we went for another start – a short W2 course. LUCIE started further down the line with lots of competitors choosing the same spot – it took a while to get going but then it was a beautiful performance, LUCIE took a solid 3rd home to the dock.

It was a long day out on the water, exciting racing in light air – looking forward to the next days! Weather forecast is sunny with very light winds…


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