LUCIE on the West Coast


It has only been a few weeks since LUCIE was sailing in Newport, Rhode Island, where she had a very strong showing at the Museum of Yachting Classic Yacht Regatta (PANERAI). Two days after that event, she got hauled out again for a quick stop at the shop to take care of a few blemishes she took on earlier this year, both in France and Newport. After her little spa treatment, LUCIE was packed up into full travel mode again to take to take the long road trip west to San Francisco. To make the trip as comfortable as possible for the 84-year-old boat, we placed her onto an air-suspended flatbed trailer for the 3,100-mile road trip.

Since the LUCIE campaign started in 2011, she has sailed under the St. Francis Yacht Club burgee; tomorrow the club kicks off the Invitational 6 Metre Regatta, which it is hosting through October 9. LUCIE jumped at the occasion to race on San Francisco Bay and measure herself up against the other West Coast boats racing (coming from Vancouver, Seattle and San Diego).

Stay tuned for some updates from the regatta this week. Right now we are in the middle of unpacking, dressing and launching LUCIE. She will be at the St. Francis Yacht Club dock at some point today.

— Jens Lange

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