A Century Later, 6 Meters Still Steal the Show

A Recap of the International 6 Meter Invitational at St. Francis Yacht Club

The first time 6 Meters appeared on San Francisco Bay, Woodrow Wilson was president of the United States. The Panama Canal had just opened and Babe Ruth had just hit his first career home run. This week, one century later, eight 6 Meters met at the St. Francis Yacht Club on San Francisco Bay to compete in the International 6 Meter Invitational. The fleet was comprised of boats representing three class rules, hailing from San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle and Vancouver. Over eight races in 15-20 knots of breeze, the Invitational showcased eye-catching sailboat racing and close competition, especially in Rule 2.


“Sprig and Lucie are as close to twins as you can get in boats,” explained Lucie’s skipper, Matt Brooks (StFYC). “They were built by the same designer one year apart, yet have never raced against each other.” In Rule 2, Lucie and Sprig went race for race, swapping bullets nearly every other race to finish with a score of 12 to 12; Sprig won by placing first in the final race. Sprig’s skipper, Greg Stewart (SDYC), and Brooks race together on the class yacht Dorade. “We know each other very well, but that doesn’t mean he gave me any breaks,” said Brooks.

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