10th Among All Classics, Lucie Wins Silver at 2019 Worlds

The wind lightened up during the second half of the 2019 Six Metre World Championship at Hanko, Finland, and Lucie moved up in the fleet. Unfortunately, the wind died completely, which left Lucie off the podium at the end of the regatta, yet the team came away with two coveted trophies, nonetheless.

Lucie, on pace upwind on Day Three of the 2019 Worlds.

On the third day of racing, with skipper Craig Healy at the helm, Lucie scored a fourth and a ninth, moving up to 10th place out of 32 boats racing in the Classics Division. Ahead of Lucie were boats from Spain, France, Germany, five Finnish boats, and USA teammate Goose, which held fourth place. 

Six Metre Worlds Lucie
Lucie, at right, makes good time downwind in light winds. All photos by Jens Lange

On the final day of racing, the fleet started Race 7 in light air that died out completely as the race committee attempted to shorten the race at the first mark but then abandoned it due to improper committee procedure. “We thought we’d finished third in that race,which would have moved us up a couple places in the standings,” said Craig, “but ultimately it was abandoned.”  

Lucie sneaks around the first mark near the front of the fleet in Race 7.

According to Craig, the winner of the Classics, Bribon, co-helmed by the King of Spain, had an amazing string of scores. “We weren’t quite as fast,” he said, “but our crew sailed Lucie well, and we had a good time. I had said at the outset that if we finished in the top 5 we would be hitting it out of the park. I thought finishing in the top 10 was a reasonable goal and that’s where we finished.”

A beautiful white bow works through choppy waters of Hanko.

Lucie is several years older than most of the Classics she raced against and won a pair of beautiful perpetual trophies she also captured at several previous world championships. The Baum & Konig Trophy is presented to the top “vintage” boat in the Classic Division using original spars and Dacron sails. The KSSS Trophy is for the top Classic Division boat built to Rule 1 and 2 of the Six-Metre Rule.  

See final results here.

KSSS Trophy Lucie Crew
Lucie’s crew poses with the KSSS Trophy, one of two Classic Division awards they earned for 2019.

Lucie’s crew for the 2019 Worlds represented the St. Francis Yacht Club and included Isabelle du Moulin, Tom Ducharme, John Hayes, Keith Stahnke, and Craig Healy.

Jens Lange smiles for the camera after dressing Lucie for shipment back to the U.S.

2019 Six-Metre Worlds Begin at Hanko in Range of Winds

The 2019 World Championship got going in Hanko, Finland, on Monday with 33 Classics on the starting line, more than double the 15 Open division Six Metres. There is a big Finnish contingent, well over half of the Classics fleet.

Lucie (white sails) heads upwind in a good breeze against Goose (US 81) and Marianne (GER 66). Jens Lange photo

Two races were held on Monday and two more on Tuesday, and Lucie showed excellent speed downwind but not as much upwind. In the first race, she did better in winds as low as 9 knots, finishing 9th in class.

Steep waves built up with a short period between them as winds rose as high as 18 knots, and skipper Craig Healy observed that some of the other boats sailed higher and faster upwind in that breeze. Good boat handling around crowded marks generally allowed Lucie to make up ground in maneuvers, and she finished 14th in the second race.

Spinnakers at 2019 Six-Metre Worlds
Lucie (US 55) showed excellent speed off the wind under spinnaker. Jens Lange photo

Winds were lighter on Tuesday, but with big holes and some shifts that resulted in a pair of mid-fleet finishes for Lucie. According to Craig, “The team started well again, and we were able to sail own race as on Monday. The venue is well-suited to host the regatta, both on and off the water. The wind is shifty, which presents us with opportunities as the week goes on.”

Ready to set spinnaker at world championships
Lucie negotiates the leg to the offset mark alongside Lillevi (GER 68) before setting her spinnaker in light going in Tuesday’s racing. Jens Lange photo

Racing continues Wednesday—results here.

World Championship: Mid-Week Race Update

By Jens Lange: 

The International 6 Metre Class World Championships started Sunday (September 17). The weather had significantly changed from the days before, during the 6 Metre Pre-Worlds, with the fleet seeing very light winds, rain showers on and off and significantly lower temperatures. The Race Committee worked very hard to find a course with consistent wind direction and managed to get two races in for the first day. The starting line was kept very long and allowed all boats to find a clear path in the low wind pressure. This was a day where good sense for wind shifts and a bit of luck paid off, and the 1935 Bjarne Aas designed SAGA of Kimo Mackey came away with the win. The second race took place in light but more consistent easterly winds, which was equally challenging. LUCIE played the wind shifts and fleet positions changed numerous times. At the end of day one, the Olin Stephens designed GOOSE came out on top for the classic fleet. Off the water after racing, The Worlds Opening Ceremony took place, hosted by the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club with greetings from the First Nation.

Monday, September 18, day two of The Worlds started with the AP flag being hoisted onshore, as there was very little pressure, oscillating directions, on English Bay. It took a while to get out and when the fleet finally got to the proposed starting area on the west side of The Bay, a big fat shower came through and took out what little wind was there before, and 45 Six Metres bobbed around waiting for the breeze to build up again. It took a while but finally a northeasterly wind developed. The course was set up for the new direction, and the third race of the regatta finally went off. The wind shifted back and forth and the windward marks had to be adjusted throughout the race. The classic fleet played both sides of the course to seek better pressure around the light showers, which were still in the area. LUCIE fought hard and finished in ninth place, just to shake off and go straight into the fourth race of the regatta. This race saw a very tight start, most of the fleet had chosen the committee boat side of the line to start, and three boats got pushed and had to bear away. It was a little touch-and-go for LUCIE and another boat, but she redeemed herself with a full circle around the committee boat and was off to chase the fleet, passing one boat after another and ultimately finishing in eighth place overall.

We’ve had mixed results so far, but LUCIE is going very fast and there is lots of potential for the next races. Day three of racing (Tuesday, September 19) got cancelled after a few hours of waiting for breeze on shore, but our fifth race is scheduled for this morning at 11:00.

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